We at LaMarre EyeCare are proud to offer Pediatric Eye Examinations.

Vision Screenings performed in Schools and at your Childs Medical Doctor, are just that :
Screenings. They will catch “large problems”. However they miss up to 23 percent of children who can benefit from Vision Correction. There is more to visual performance than
just the visual acuity measured by reading letters. Optometrist are uniquely trained to also asses “how much effort” is required to sustain visual acuity, the Ocular Motor Skills to read smoothly and Ocular Health.

Optometric Eye Care is one of the greatest Investments you can make towards the well being and
development of your Child.

Pay attention to these five symptoms because they can indicate vision problems in children:

  1. Rubbing the eyes
  2. Excessive blinking
  3. Frequent squinting
  4. Regular headaches
  5. Shutting one eye to focus

Any time you think your child is having vision trouble, it is important for you to schedule an appointment. You want the problem addressed early so that you can get your child back on track. As with most conditions, early detection can make the solution much easier than it would be if you were to wait to take your child to see the doctor and allow the problem to develop into something worse.

Since we want our patients to be comfortable in our office, we do everything we can to ensure that their visit goes smoothly. Our entire staff and doctors are dedicated to the health of your child’s eyes (and yours!).

If you have any questions about your child’s eyes, don’t hesitate to contact us today at 740-319-8575.